The 17th century -This area was not yet built up, with Thunovská Garden stretching out over this part of the city.

1709 -In April of that year, this plot of land, together with that of the neighbouring house No. 69, was sold to Maxmilián Wenda, Inspector of the Imperial Estate, for 600 gold coins. 1736 -After the death of Maxmilián Wenda the house was sold by the widow Anna KateřinaWenda to Michael Thurwardi who paid 1,200 gold coins for it. 1792 -The house was bought by Ignác Künzl for 2,050 gold coins. 1898 -On August 24 of that year, Karel Reyl, the owner of the house, was granted what was then called "trade and police permission" to open a printing officein the house. 1949 -The printing office was then registered as a national enterprise under thename Jánský and Navrátil. 1956 -The Local National Committee granted the company REMOS, which was a regional electrical enterprise, a trade licence for further production of small electrical components on all floors of the house. At that time, 18 people were employed in the company.